Saturday, 16 November 2013

Baraly and Doiron nominees for 2014

Baraly et Doiron en lice pour le Mur de la renommée virtuel de la boxe amateur canadienne

The above story is some of the pre-selection buzz
By Robert Lagace in "L'Arcadie Nouvelle".

Potential Nominees for the: 2014
Canadian Amateur Boxing History and Wall of Fame

Some others include: Andrew Kooner, Billy Downey,
Adam Trupich, Ariane Fortin, Mary Spencer,
Eddie Haddad, Wilfie Greaves, and many others
including the late Matt Mizerski.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The First Sixty on the Wall


Throughout this blog there are pages for each of tee sixty names but it will
take time as the month roll by to do the detailed stories from Al Ford 
to Yvon Durelle. 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Footnotes of History


BY Brian Zelley

* Often lost in the story, of each of the boxers selected
in our group of 60, are the names of those boxers that
faced our boxing stars in the pro debut.  Who are they
and how did their journey go?

A sample of names include on Frankie Green aka
"Frankie The Pug", or one Walter Morris, and John Mason.
There was also a Terry Sorrell and a Joe Hogue.

And, how many can remember Moncton's Wayne Martin
who faced Trebor Berbic at the Festival Arena in Shediac

Monday, 20 May 2013

Willie de Wit - Boxer

Willie de Wit - Boxer

Gary Summerhays - Boxer

Canadian amateur and professional champion: Summerhays
Gary Summerhays - Boxer

Gary would have an interesting pro journey after his amateur day
with a Canadian amateur title in 1969, then turn pro in 1970 and
compete until 1983.

An important victory in 1972 was a win over Stewart Gray and in 1973
Gary would win the Canadian light-heavyweight tiutle with a win over
Al Sparks.  

The next big victory was over Commonwealth light-heavyweight
champion Tony Mundine in Australia.  And in the closing fights
of his journey, Gary Summerhays would have a couple of bouts
with popular Eddie Melo.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sammy Luftspring - Boxer

Sammy Luftspring - Boxer

Vic Foley - Boxer

Vic Foley - Boxer

Tyrone Gardner - Boxer

Tyrone Gardner - Boxer

Tommy Paonessa

Tommy Paonessa
* Tommy has done it all, from an amateur and pro boxer in the early years
to coaching and training boxers starting in the forties, starting the
North West Eagles boxing club in North Vancouver, serving as an official
for amateur boxing which includes serving as a judge on the 1972
Muhammad Ali vs George Chuvalo bout and much more.

Part of the long journey of Tommy Paonessa, a pioneer:

*Before his passing in
recent years, Tommy
was inducted into
Boxing Canada's 
Boxing Hall of Fame

* Tommy Paonessa is
also an inductee of the
BC Amateur Boxing
Hall of Fame.

Rocky MacDougall - Boxer

Rocky MacDougall - Boxer

Richie Howard - Boxer

Richie Howard - Boxer

Leslie Borden - Boxer

Leslie Borden - Boxer

Jack Burke - Boxer

Jack Burke - Boxer

Herb Embuldeniya, boxing builder

Herb Embuldeniya

Lou Joshua Eisen, boxing media

Lou Joshua Eisen

Gregg Mac Ross, boxing media

Gregg Mac Ross, boxing media: by Brian Zelley

Yvon Durelle - Boxer

Yvon Durelle - Boxer

Wilf Greaves - Boxer

Wilf Greaves - Boxer

Troy Ross - Boxer

Troy Ross - Boxer

Trevor Berbick - Boxer

Trevor Berbick - Boxer

Tommy Burns - Boxer

The Tommy Burns story: by Brian Zelley

Tommy Burns - Boxer  The Tommy Burns boxing record

Hank Hartenberger

Henry "Hank" Hartenberger: by Brian Zelley
*** the above link touches on Saskatchewan amateur boxing and includes
mention of Hank Hartenberger who is remembered by many across Canada
as the boxing coach of a boxing club in Weyburn, but his boxing story
is much more than that including his place in the Saskatchewan
Sports Hall of Fame.

Before his role in amateur boxing as a coach:

Hank, the boxing coach

This photo was published on May 9, 1974
in "The Weyburn Review"
photo by: Chuck McLaren
and republished June 1984 in the
"BC Amateur Boxing New"
The photo includes coach Harenberger with boxers
Kerry Fahlman, Morgan Williams and Ian Weir

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

Henry "Hank" Hartenberger was inducted
into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame
In the year 2013
Hank Hartenberger 
is one of 100 that will be recognized 
on the wall of fame.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

SCOTTY OLSON journey by Brian Zelley

* When it comes to Canadian amateur and professional boxing, there are
countless stories with a cast of characters that run the gamut from
great champions to just a volunteer at some club show. Then there
are some special people that made a difference to the way we view
champions through their dedication, desire and boxing spirit, looking
back to May 1984, a young junior boxer by thr name of Scotty had all
those important elements that spelled great champion and nice guy.
This piece on Scotty Olson for his selection to the new and special
Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame.  Without evasion, or the least trace of
uncertainty, I have no difficulty declaring Scotty Olson one of the
deserving members to be selected in 2013.  At the beginning of 2013
Olson was one of the few selected as a core member to the 
Canadian Amateur Boxing Wall of Fame.   As we march towards
the end of 2013, Scotty will be one of a hundred names to be part of 
the Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame.

Form the beginning to 1984 - The heart and soul of the story

*  To understand the complete story, the true heart and soul
of the Scotty Olson story was written on the wall of boxing history
during the period of May 25 to 27th, 1984.  at the Junior Nationals
held in Burnaby, BC.  It was a moment in time when a junior boxer
from Edmonton won the heart and minds of  Canadian boxers,
coaches, officials and many fans in the audience.  It was the 
moment when the curtains of greatness opened wide.  And, the
Bulldog from Edmonton would go on to many great  and 
outstanding moments.  But, May 1984 was when it all began.

Beyond '84 to the '88 Olympic Games

Scotty"The Bulldog" Olson - professional boxer

Golden memories, Tributes and Awards.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Gordon Wallace - Boxer

Gordon Wallace:
 Canadian welterweight champion: by brian zelley

Donnie Poole


Donnie Poole will be one of 100 names that
will be placed on the wall of fame in 2013.
Part of his story was told on the site called
"Boxing Champions"

Golden Memories of others:

From and with the faces of others:

Donato Paduano

The Donato Paduano story

Chris Clarke - Boxer

Chris Clarke - Boxer


BURKE EMERY boxing journey:

Blair Richardson - Boxer

Blair Richardson - Boxer

Al Foreman - Boxer

Al Foreman - Boxer


The other 20 to join the previous 40:

Al Foreman - Blair Richardson - Burke Emery
Chris Clarke - Donato Paduano - Donnie Poole
Rocky MacDougall - Gordon Wallace - Gregg Mac Ross
 Gary Summerhays -  Hank Hartenberger - Herb Embuldeniya - Jackie Burke
Lou Joshua Eisen - Leslie Borden - Ritchie Howard
Tommy Paonessa - Tyrone Gardiner - Vic Foley
and  Willie deWit.

The Other 40


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nicky Furlano

The Nicky Furlano story: by Brian Zelley

*  The Nicky Furlano boxing story is a classic story of a
Canadian boxer who fought his way to the top with many
interesting twists and turns as he travelled down the 
boxing highway.  Now, Nickey is one of the select 100 that will be 
recognized on the Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame.

There are many ways to tell the story, but the key moments will be
the same.  We can take it from the here and now and travel back in time
or we can start where it all began when a youngster by the name of 
Nicky found is way into into a  Toronto boxing gym called Sully's 

Michael Strange


Introduction: by brian zelley
The following is a link to a story that I did called
The Mike Strange Boxing Story: